A Model in Wovex is the information that you want to keep together and manage as a discrete collection. 

A Model includes the Benefits Maps and all associated data on this subject.

In the Wovex Platform, each model is represented by an image and can be searched through on the Main Menu. The models that you have access to are always listed in the bottom left menu.

A Model contains things typically managed together by a manager or owner.

For example, a Model can be a project, programme or portfolio with specific objectives, benefits, initiatives etc.

In the software we have avoided calling things projects, programmes, portfolios (and other options) as usage tend to vary widely from organisation to organisation.  By using one standard name (Model) we avoid confusion. 

In the Wovex Cloud Platform you can store many models.

In the Powertool each model is held within a .Rex file and can be saved wherever you like.