In some cases Wovex provides a file to IT Teams to install the Wovex Realisor desktop and these files either end with .exe or .msi. 

What are they and what is the difference?

Firstly, Wovex Realisor desktop is a program that needs certain files that a Microsoft environment normally provides. These needed extra files are call pre-requisites.

Pre-requisites are things that are required on your system that are needed to open and use Wovex Realisor. 

A .exe file is an 'Executable' file that has the Wovex Realisor desktop program in, in addition to the needed pre-requisities. This is normally provided when it can't be guaranteed that the pre-requisites already exist. Everything you need is provided in a single package. 

A .msi file is a Microsoft installer file that contains the Realisor desktop program and nothing else. This is normally provided when the IT Team want to re-use the pre-requisites as they are already installed, or want to control/see them added.

We offer a choice of these to fully meet an IT Teams requirements for installs and updates.