The Current

Wovex provides multiple import and export options to support integration with existing systems and processes. For example, data can be exported to Microsoft Project, Visio and Word and two way integrations with Excel formatted files. Analysis of data is also possible through the pivot table capability.

The Future.

Our development road-map includes integrations for specific systems and a flexible integration generic capability in late 2017.

The main database is an SQL Database hosted on Microsoft Azure. We will be implementing in 2017 an integration to a BI system and wider/flexible access in 2018. This will include options to integrate the database via standard protocols for data queries.

The plan for 2017 with the BI tool is to upload the data to the BI layer and open the dashboard for users to create and share interactive dashboards. This will be introduced from 2017 and during 2018.

We develop our solutions to meet customer requirements and we welcome the sharing of requirements so these can be considered for our development road-map.

Please share your requirements with your Wovex partner or through