All Wovex modules can be accessed on the cloud.

Wovex was originally a Microsoft Windows based desktop application and a http-browser based version is almost fully complete. This will mean that users will have a choice between the two, or can use both together as an integrated platform.

Today, the modules of Tracking, Reporting, Profiling, Business Case Management and administration is mostly in the cloud.

Two modules are mainly on the desktop side: Mapping (including dashboards, visual scorecards, etc.) and Scenario (what-if analysis of different planning scenarios).
These will also be cloud-native soon, and even though they are on the desktop, they are also available as ‘virtual’ applications for access through CITRIX XenApp. This option supports even more flexible access for use on tablets and other devices.

This hybrid situation gives our customers increasing levels of choice, with different technology platforms and integration between the modules. For example, it will always be possible to use Wovex in a ‘stand-alone’ way for secure/highly mobile users.

One example of integration is the tracking of actual benefits realized. Tracking can be done in the cloud or desktop. The results and RAG statuses can be synchronized manually or automated between desktop and cloud, so dashboards on both platforms can use the data.