A user is anyone who accesses the system. Each needs a user account and license.

To create a user account a unique company email address is needed. 

Depending on the system used, this is different for cloud or desktop access:

- In the cloud, the Super-User of the system will set them up and send them a username and password.

- On the desktop, the user can create their own account and they are guided through the process automatically.

Why is a unique user account needed?

1. This allows the user to connect and use the system.

2. Wovex can ensure that the organization has and is using valid licenses.

3. The organization needs to ensure that each user can access only appropriate areas, functions and data.

4. Any audit and change logs are also connected to the appropriate user account.

User accounts are easy to set-up and manage.

Sharing of a single licence is not permitted

Under the Wovex software licence agreement accepted when accessing the software, each person must have a unique named user license.

In addition, the hardware or software you use to pool connections or reduce the number of devices or users that directly access or use the software (sometimes referred to as "multiplexing" or "pooling") does not reduce the number of licences you need.  

In such case one software licence per assigned user is required (named user licence).  The Wovex software may not be shared, installed or used concurrently on different computers. Wovex monitor the access behavior and identifiers of devices used through our license management system.

For how to get a license, see: https://help.wovex.com/solution/articles/14000063895-getting-a-license

To set up a new user: https://help.wovex.com/solution/articles/14000063896-how-to-set-up-a-new-user