Enterprise Mapping users sometimes end up with a large Map with lots of details – this is what you would have on your 'Main View'. If this grows to become complex and overwhelming for people there are several things that you can do:

  • Create extra views with many of the objects hidden – this is quick and easy to do. It enables personalized and easy to understand stories to be built. Views are the best way to introduce people to a Map.
  • You can group objects and ‘shrink many objects down’ to a single group object. This means you can start showing the group objects and then open them up, revealing the additional objects within.
  • Show-only allows you to step-through a model and see just a bit at a time. This is also useful to show ‘paths’ through a model e.g. show me just the objects that contribute to an objective. Also, show me the benefits this plan or capability contributes to.