There are two platforms available, desktop and cloud. Both work together and complement each other. A user with a license can access both platforms*.

If you want to do Mapping and Scenarios then you need to use the desktop. This has rich graphic and analytical capability. It is also the product that those in consultant, or similar roles, find most valuable. It is strong on helping to engage people in workshops, pull information together, solve problems and map data-driven decisions.

The cloud platform is strongest in the modules of Profiling, Tracking, Reporting and Business Case Manager. These all use the innate strengths of the internet with forms, multi-access, collaboration and looking across multiple programs/data. Organizations gain significant value from the cloud platform.

Both platforms work together and are made available to organizations. It is not a choice of if to use the desktop or cloud platforms, but gaining the combined value by using both.

* Depending on the license type; minimum license numbers for an organization also apply.