The optional Mapping power tool is a Windows desktop-based application.

When using a PC the software is very light and only requires:

1. Windows XP or higher (Not Vista and before)
2. .NET Framework 3.0 or higher
3. The hardware recommended for this is 8gb of memory and 500gb hard drive, but it will work on less.

Apple: Mapping Powertool will run on Apple computers with a Windows emulator. We recommend Parallels and others are also available.

Virtual: or those with a virtual desktop then we offer the install files for the power tool at: 

For example, those enterprises with a Citrix environment can use these files to make the power tool part of your standard environment.


Enterprises: Subject to agreement, we are also able to offer Enterprises a cloud version of the desktop that can be accessed from tablets and phones using Citrix Zenapp.

Core Application
Wovex is a cloud-based solution with an optional 'power tool' for consultants, analysts etc.

The core application is cloud-based and so will run on any browser.

If you have any questions on your configuration then do contact us at