The Benefits Hub is the core work area to access all the objects and their data.

Alongside the Workflow this is a really important area which you will come back to time and again. 

This is the Benefits Register if you like to think of it that way.

From here you can navigate all the different objects for your Default Model, Relationships between objects, Measures and time-series, Prepare for Tracking, Delivery Status and Manage Actuals.

The Benefits hub is the place to go to access these key functions, as well as search and filter the data.


Find the Benefits Hub on the top navigation bar or via the Workflow or the Top Menu by clicking on the image for your default Model. (Use the Define area if you want to browse across models.) 

The Hub gives you a list of all the objects on your default model, which you can filter on and edit. Just type into the filter boxes to see any objects meeting your criteria.

What else can you do in the Benefits Hub?

You can see the details of the Model you are looking at to change the name and image etc.

In terms of Capture in the Benefits Hub, you can create New objects here with the + New button. You can add more than one at a time of different types using the Bulk Entry button.

Creating a new object allows you to drill down in the details screens for any object where you can edit the information summary for that benefit or measure etc. (sometimes called the profile). Just click on the name to edit.

You can right click on any object and edit the title quickly, or select Relationships to see and create relationships between objects in your model. You can Prepare for Tracking which creates Tracking measures and time-series data for tracking with a step-by-step process.

You can go straight to the Delivery Status to say which measure is actually being tracked at the moment and capture status for progress or Manage Actuals by seeing and editing forecasts and actuals for the time series of tracking data.

In terms of Insights, there is a link here to the published dashboards. So, if you're a user who hasn't got access to set up dashboards yourself, then you can still see which Dashboards have been shared here.