Visualise is the area where the process of Benefits Management often starts with collecting all the known details for review and building from there. Here you can build a benefits map – in a workshop collectively, automatically or share and develop maps with contributors.

The Visualise area of Wovex include:

  • Benefits Maps: Manual

Benefits Maps - Capture the visual and narrative flow about benefits and anything required to deliver them in a Benefits Map tell the story of how to achieve benefits.

You can use this to start off your model data as any objects created here appear in the Benefits Hub automatically.

  • Benefits Maps: Auto

You can review your model and all the Benefits and Measures in an automatically created map. This allows you to check that your data has all the relationships that you need.

  • Benefits Maps: Collaborate

You can share any map as an image that others can comment on without a licence. Share maps or images made elsewhere (including flipchart photos, Maps made in the desktop Mapping powertool) to illustrate your benefits and how to achieve them.

Shared Maps allow anyone to add comments to maps without editing the actual map.

Once you have created any kind of map you can view the Benefits hub for the Model that you have created, give it a name and see all the objects in a register the Bene