If you are used to creating a register of all your Benefits and Measures and defining some information in an excel you can use Wovex to see all this information and also drill down into more detail quickly and easily.

The equivalent of the register is the 'Benefits Hub'. Here you can see all the Benefits, Measures, Goals and Risks etc that you have captured to date in the model that you are building. This shows only the data for your default Model that you have selected. (Use the Define area if you want to browse across models.)

Find the Benefits Hub on the top navigation bar or via the Workflow or the Top Menu by clicking on the image for your Model.

The Benefits Hub is a flexible overview of all the data held in your default model. It's one of the most common jumping-off points for defining and developing the information that you hold in Wovex. 

You can filter which objects you want to review using the filter boxes at the top.

If you want to mass edit information on the Standard Measures, Benefits or Initiatives, you can access the Fast edit feature through the Benefits Hub. This allows you to quickly change any text fields while you review all your Objects at once. 

(Release Note: More Fast Edit screens are on their way)

From here you can then drill down into any of the objects by clicking on their title or icon. This will take you to the details screen for that particular object so that you can update and enrich all the text information that you hold.

You can also add new objects with New or query any Relationships or Prepare for Tracking your measures and much more.

The colours of the functions at the top of the Benefits Hub relate to the relevant section of the workflow, Visualise (Was Capture), Define, Manage and Insights.