Select the Wovex logo or the Models icon on the top navigation bar to return to this screen at any time.

From here you can select the image for your model to go to the Benefits Hub for your model, which is where the main functions are available. Or you can create a new model or see any number of Models that you have permissions to review or edit.

The rest of the menu items will depend on the role you have been given in the system by your administrator.

Some may not be visible to you.

The Left side bar

Visualise: Manually create or edit a Benefits map, see an auto-map or share a Map for others to comment on.

Define: Details pages for each or all Objects. This is a more advanced area to search and find objects in the system. An object, for example, a Measure,

Benefit or Initiative. The Benefits Hub is the standard place to develop most objects and build your model.

Manage: Manage Actuals screen. This is the more advanced area to find and edit different types of Measures and their time-series data. The Benefits Hub is the most common area for this activity.

Insights: Go to Dashboards and also see other different reports available here.

Business Cases: Here you can create and manage Business Cases of different types. This may not be in use in your environment.

My Actions: Actions can be captured generally for you or others to do, and also related to specific objects. See the ones visible to you here.

Models: This is a list of all the Models you have - each picture represents a Model and you may just have one if you are managing a single programme or portfolio. The Models title also brings you back to this page.

The Top Navigation bar

This is available on every screen in Wovex and includes the most important areas for any stage of your work


Brings you this Models main menu

Benefits Hub

A core oversight and functional page for you to define and develop your default model

Manage Actuals

An advanced area to find and define your Measures and time-series data


This gives you a pop-up workflow menu. This is the fastest and recommended main way of navigating around


The 'Three lines' opens up the Customise & Control menu. From here you can access many other functions,

especially those for System Admin.