You may be used to the terms Register and Profile for tables of information that you used in your manual process.

The Benefits Hub offers a searchable register of all your data on benefits.

Whereas Profiles give you an object focus that you usually need for a Profile form.

Within Wovex there are several different layouts of this kind of data. 

The first of these, the Details Screens are available for more objects than you may need. You can just use the ones you need for your process. Details screens can be set up for Benefits, Standard (Reference) Measures, Tracking Measures (the measures that relate to specific initiatives and will be tracked), Objectives, Risks and more. Customers usually start with Benefits and Measures and develop on from there. 

1. Details Screens

From the Benefits Hub if you drill down to any object e.g. Measure Details screen by clicking on the graph icon...

This takes you to Details screens  for advanced management and definition of data (Also see Define in Side Bar)

Here you have the full Benefit and Measure Profiles with all the information that you need to hold. 

These are printable, exportable and can be commented on by users to review and build the data over time.

These screens can be tailored and simplified to only show the tabs and fields that you currently need with some licences. Settings> Customise> Screen Layouts

2. Summary Profiles

By clicking on Profile button at the top of any Measure details page you can see a simpler Measure Profile screen with only the key text information and any Actuals data in relation to Forecast on a graph.

This simple Measure Profile is an especially useful overview for Tracking measures as you can see a graph of the actuals. For Standard measures this page is simply the key text fields of course as they have no tracking data.

3. Profile Packs

Profile Packs are for advanced use.

They are tailorable, exportable, printable profiles packs for sharing Benefits and Initiative summaries with owners or stakeholders when you need a lot of tailored content. 

Ask Wovex or your Wovex partner if you want to set these up.