There are two types of Profile Packs which are available, one for Benefits and one for Initiatives.

The following helps you to:

Use the Profile Packs, by using the Excel templates and generating them.

1. Upload the Excel Templates before generating the Profiles.

a. Go to: The Three lines (top right) > Settings > Manage Data > Export Profiles.

or ... Select 'Benefits Profiles' from the Workflow screen.

b. Choose a File > Upload.

Note: The existing Templates can also be downloaded from here for editing etc. Select Download.

2. Generate a Profile.

Note: If you have just uploaded a Template and want to Generate some output, then please refresh/reload the

screen to ensure the new template is used.

Also, the file created will be blocked from appearing for you if you are blocking Pop-ups.

If this is the case, then please select 'Always allow pop-ups...' so that Wovex can complete this correctly - see below.

a. Select Model (there is just one choice).

b. Select either a Benefit or Initiative.

c. Select Go to generate and download the Excel Profile of your choice.