When you want to see a summary of a Portfolio, Programme, or Phase.

Setup and edit up via Measures Details Screen > Dashboard Setup tab

See published via Benefits Hub

This is a simple overview dashboard that includes:

 1. Its overall status: 

A single RAG Status, based on the RAG Statuses in (4).

2. Change in RAG Statuses: 

Change in RAG Statuses since last period, for the Benefits in (4).

3. Status of its Initiatives/Groups of: 

Taken from Dash 1’s that have been included in this Dash 2. It’s a ‘roll-up’ of these to show how related Initiatives are doing.

4. Performance of each Benefit: 

The RAG Status and values of the Benefits of most interest, seeing the results of its Baseline & Supporting Measures.

This does not compare measures as with Dashboard 1 but acts as an overall summary.

Containers - These are the columns that show on the dashboard. They are 'buckets' you can use to group measures to show collectively for comparison between them. These containers may be used to group themed programmes.


There are some relationships and data that are required to set up these dashboards to show:

Data comes from Dashboard 1 for the Container areas of Dashboard 2 so as before these Dashboard 1 prerequisites must be in place.

  1. Benefit and Measure - Benefits Hub > Relationships set up the Benefits and their measures
  2. Benefit and Goal - Benefits Hub > Relationships set up the Benefits and their Goals
  3. Initiative on the container and Measure - Set a direct relationship 
  4. There must be time-series data set up for the current and previous - Check this is in place in Manage Actuals and search for the measure you want to see on the Dashboard.
  5. Setup all essential data on the Dashboard setup.


Standard and Tracking measures for anything that appears on Dashboard 2 must be in delivery (This can be checked and edited in Workflow >Delivery status)

Create a copy of an existing Dashboard

How to copy an existing Dashboard and just tweak a few things for a new dashboard

Wokflow > Manage Dashboards > Copy with the button to the right of the Dashboard you would like to use at a starting point for your new dashboard.

How to create a new Dashboard 2

Workflow>Manage > +New.

See Dashboard Setup for details.