To get the most out of Wovex there are some key decisions that you need to maker as an organisation and a benefits management function.

Some of these will have been made during the purchase process, but these are all areas that evolve over time as practices develop and must be reviewed. Wovex is flexible to allow for these changes in a live project environment.

Data setup and calculation

How many models will you create? Do you want one for a portfolio and one for the organisation or one for every programme, or all of the above? See Creating models at different levels

What ID system do you need to use for objects in Wovex. e.g. BM1 for Benefit measure and so on?

What RAG status thresholds do you want to set as standard and particularly for measures?

What calculation approaches do your most common measures require?

User roles and access

What user roles does your organisation need and how many of each?

How many people will need to use a free licence to access dashboards etc?

How can you set up the data to be as useful as possible in existing governance and stage-gate processes?

Data sharing and import and export

What data do you need to get from others or share with others?

Which other departments need to use the data from Wovex or partners and suppliers?