If you want a dashboard quickly here are the essential steps:

1) Create measures, Benefits etc - Use maps, import from existing lists or simply create new records (Benefits Hub > New)

2) Add descriptions and display preferences to Manage Dashboard screens for the relevant Dashboard (Manage Dashboards screen)

3) Add relationships - Benefits must have related measures and benefits must contribute to a Goal (Benefits Hub > Details > Relationships)

4)Prepare Measures for tracking - Which Initiatives will impact which measures? Prepare for tracking allows each benefit must be related to the relevant Initiative. (Prepare for Tracking screen)

5) Add measures to dashboards - Specify the benefits and measures and groups of measures you want to see on a dashboard and the timeframe for previous and current data. (Manage Dashboards screen)

6) Track benefits progress - Update forecasts and actual tracking data to show live data during the selected periods on the dashboards (Manage Actuals screen)

7) See the dashboards and inform decision-makers (Published Dashboards)

Once these steps are complete you have the first pass data  dashboard for detailed steps for each dashboard see About Dashboard 1 or About Dashboard 2