There are several ways to find your objects (Benefits, Measures etc) in the data.

1. Browse the Benefits Hub within one model and filter on the type of object or use a word search in the title field filter.

The Fast Edit allows you to Filter, find and edit the main data on objects quickly on the screen. 

This is only possible on the key objects at the moment. Standard Measures, Benefits, and Initiatives.

2. Define – left sidebar

This allow you to to search for objects across ALL models, the Benefits Hub is just for one Model.

Here you can  search for objects with different criteria e.g. find any text = x

You can export the search results to PDF/Excel

You can delete/restore multiple objects at once

3. Create Maps: Manually

You can view the maps in relation to other objects in your Benefits Maps. Then from maps you can right-click on an object > Edit Data and go to the relevant Details screen within the Benefits Hub.

All the data in Wovex is accessible via different starting points, while it remains consistent and robust.