In Wovex we refer to anything that you will need to save information on as an 'Object'. Such as Benefits, Measures, Objectives. It's shorthand for the types of information stored in Wovex.

The most important and commonly used are explained below.


These represent the ultimate purposes that Benefits and Objectives contribute to achieving. They are the highest level of end result expected from Initiatives.

Each Benefit is associated with a single Goal. 

Goals are represented on Dashboards as images.

We can use the following as ‘Goals’ on Wovex, as the highest level? 

1. Increasing efficiency, reliability, integration, and resilience in the transport system

2. Transforming economic performance

3. Improving inclusivity, health, and access to opportunities for all

4. Promoting and enhancing the built, historic, and natural environment


These represent the results or effects to be achieved at a level below a Goal

Objectives break down Goals into more detailed end-results.

Benefits can contribute to one or more Objectives.


(Technically Goals and Objectives can be used in different ways for contribution analysis in the cloud as they have one to one or a one to many relationships with Benefits.)


A Benefit can be associated with multiple Objectives; which are part of the same Goal.



These represent the specific things that represent good or helpful results or effects.

They can be called 'positive' outcomes and they are outcomes perceived as an advantage by one or more stakeholders.

Achieving a Benefit will contribute to a Goal being met (and Objectives).

A Benefit can have many Measures.


These represent a standard way of measuring the results or effects of a Benefit.

Measures can include a target of what is needed, a forecast of what is expected and the performance of what actually achieved.

- Standard Measure:

Standard definitions and settings.
Are related to Benefits.
Used to create Tracking Measures.

            - Tracking Measure:
                      For planning and measuring the results or effects for a specific Initiative. 

For example, a Standard Measure for 'Apprenticeships in the Workforce' can have different targets, forecasts and actual performance for each Initiative.


These represent the things that are planned and undertaken that involve costs, people, time and resources.

Initiative includes other things, like Projects, Programmes, Contracts, Operations, Work packages, Work Streams, Phases of work… 

Initiatives can directly or indirectly impact Benefits.

Results or effects of an Initiative can be measured with a Tracking Measure.