When you are ready to track your measures you need to consider which Initiatives are expected to affect your standard measures.

To be clear about the data over time and where all the benefits are coming from you need to create Tracking Measures that will track the impact of specific Initiatives. This allows you to keep an eye on the performance of each Initiative towards your benefits as well as sum up these tracking measures and also sum collective impacts towards the overall success of a higher-level measure if needs be.

You can easily create these tracking measures. Wovex auto-creates the time series data points to your specifications in a few easy steps and once this is done you can build formulas or detailed measurement calculations if necessary or just start collecting benefit actuals data right away.

1) Creation of multiple Tracking Measures at once

See 'Start Tracking' in the Workflow or under Actions in the navigation bar in your workspace to start tracking multiple measures for many Initiatives.


- Select ‘Yes’ to add your timeseries data for tracking over time.

 “I want to also add timeseries values:”

- Select the Initiative(s), and then the Standard Measure(s) that you want to relate them to



- Select the Tracking Measures to add timeseries data to



- Select the Frequency and 

- Start/End Dates – Add any number into the Forecast



2) Start Tracking one measure at a time

Alternatively Right-click on a particular Standard Measure or Initiative to Start Tracking one measure at a time.

Step 1: Select a Measure to track for this Initiative from the dropdown and save

Step 2: Add Timeseries data that you know so far 

Step 3: Click on Manage Actuals if you want to go straight to the time series data and start adding forecasts and actuals information.