In Wovex, Measure values can be entered directly, calculated from free style formulas and also using business rules by selecting a Dashboard Calculation Approach. Text or indexes can also be used to describe these, where hard numbers are not available or appropriate.

As default each Standard Measures will have Manual Updates as the set approach to adding the tracking data in Wovex.

However with Wovex unlocked there are many standard approaches and business rules that you can set for each measure independently.

Example calculation approaches and business rules.

    Index measures

    Look-up tables

    Use RAG status values as actuals

    One Value

    Sum all

    Average all

    Basic Numerator/Denominator

    Use child measures

    BREEAM sustainability RAG status


If you have access to these calculation approaches you will be able to change the calculation approach on each standard measure on the Details screens Dashboard setup

This list of calculations is constantly evolving, please get in touch with Wovex if you need to know more.