To create a new map if you want to start with that you need to have a wider 'Model' that the map will be part of.

The Model is made up of the Map, Benefits Hub information (Details Screens  etc).

So to create a blank map you need to go to the sidebar and +New Model and give it a name.

This will automatically create a map and model for you.

Then when you navigate to Visualise or Benefits Maps: Manual in the Workflow you will see your blank map all ready to start mapping.

N.B. When a new Model is created the Benefits Hub creates an Example Initiative and Goal as a quick start for you. Please right-click to rename these objects to reflect your real Initiatives and Goals. 

But as you always need one Initiative and one Goal as well as Benefits and Measures if you want to create a Dashboard - Wovex gets you started so that the Dashboards have something to use if you don't have time to create your own.