These videos cover the key areas to understand when starting out with Wovex.


1. Introducing Wovex - Orientation about what the different areas of Wovex allow you to do.

2. Create a new model - How to create a model and get started in the Benefits Hub. (Models are now called Workspaces)

3. Add information to the Benefits Hub - How to create objects such as Benefits and Measures before you define and develop the information behind them.

4. Add information using a Benefits Map - How to use building a benefits map to start developing your information gathering in Wovex.

5. Setting up relationships in the Benefits Hub - How to build relationships between Benefits and Measures and more to support the creation of Dashboards.

6. Define details on Benefits and Measures - Introduction to populating the details screens for different Objects and their fields.

7. Standard and Tracking Measures - How measures work in Wovex and how to create tracking measures.

8. Creating a Dashboard - How to create a Dashboard 1.


Optional extras


Copy Objects to replicate data and Calculation Approaches - Another way to create Objects for definition in the Benefits Hub when you want to save time recreating similar data. 


Importing data from Spreadsheets - How to import mass data from spreadsheets.

Optional Extras