Wovex 2022 

20th May - V8.22.34

  • Updated the calculation logic for line percentages on maps when links are deleted 
  • Grouped actions on Delivery Status under a new Actions drop-down to simplify the layout
  • Added new 'Adjust Tracking Data based on Event dates' function that automatically expands and reduces tracking data to any date changes
  • Changed the display of very long item titles that wrapped around the screen so they are not hidden behind buttons
  • Fixed a bug when adding a new measure when done in a specific way
  • Fixed a bug with uploading files when re-importing existing data
  • Fixed a bug when changing views on a map, and you haven't recently performed a save   
  • Fixed a bug around duplicate links on a map

10th May - V8.22.33

  • Updated the calculation logic behind percentages on lines to better enable the prioritisation of initiatives/solutions
  • Added 'flow of benefits' functionality on the benefits map to understand initiatives adding the most and least value
  • Added ability on a map to increase the size of the benefits canvas on-screen to give 10-33% more usable space
  • Changed the logic to delete picklist values, even if they are already used on items
  • Changed 'Show only' on maps to also hide percentages and descriptions when lines are hidden  
  • Changed how the zoom works on maps to enable the right-click menu to be closer to the node selected 
  • Fixed a bug with the calculation of percentages on map links
  • Fixed a bug with the display of percentages on curvy lines on a benefits map

1st May - V8.22.32

  • Updated automation of inviting new users to Wovex and a Workspace
  • Left menu improved: updated to be white with new icons
  • Removed list of available workspaces from the left menu to simplify
  • Changed visualisations screen to increase the maximum values that can be displayed
  • Changed cost/revenue option to be cost/gains to support financial gains can be from more than revenue
  • Added export and import of role permissions
  • Added new published dashboards menu
  • Added extra filters on the Outcome visualizations screen
  • Added extra fields to be edited 'en masse' for Measures to speed up the setup for cost-benefit analysis
  • Fixed a bug that could leave links on a map unconnected
  • Fixed a bug that caused some items on a map not to be distributed correctly when auto distributed
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to no workspace items displayed